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Analytics is tough, especially in healthcare. Improving health system performance requires looking at data from a variety of different sources (clinical, financial, operational, patient satisfaction, social media, etc.) and integrating those into a single analytics environment to be studied and acted upon. This process introduces a multitude of technologies, architectures, and programming languages which makes it challenging for healthcare systems to find the right people, technology, and strategy to build a successful analytics program. Cactus is dedicated to the success of our customers and analytics and reporting. We offer a variety of services to help them meet their goals.

Our Services

Analytics Solution Development
Analytics Center of Excellence
Analytics Staffing Expertise

Working directly with customers to develop custom analytics solutions which provide value to healthcare systems. Utilizing our Analytics Solution Implementation Framework we marry our customers with expert healthcare analytics consultants who understand the business of healthcare and know the architecture, data strategy, measures, and visualizations required to monitor your success.

Some of our past projects include:

  • Sepsis Patient Management
  • Patient Safety Indicator Dashboard
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Health Executive True North Dashboard
  • Emergency Department Throughput Reporting
  • Psychiatry Provider Caseload Management Tools

Working directly with analytics leadership to help establish the operations and institutions required to implement a successful analytics program at an organization. This includes assisting with establishing data governance teams, increasing data literacy with your stakeholders, and building an analytics product roadmap which coalesces with the greater strategic goals of your healthcare system.

Working directly with health system and analytics leadership to find the talent they need for the most complex organizations and projects. The analytics technology space is exploding right now and with the ascent of predictive analytics and machine learning, finding the right candidates who combine healthcare knowledge with thorough technical understanding is more crucial than ever.


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